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Media Alert: Conference Call at 1:15 p.m. today on Rosie the Riveter/Mother’s Day

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — ‘Thanks! Plain and Simple, Inc.’ is hosting a conference call today to all Rosie the Riveters to explain the importance of Mother’s Day to their members and movement. 


Mother of Neva Rees

Mother of Anna Montague


Two Rosie the Riveters and one Rosie’s Daughter 


Two Rosies and one Rosie’s daughter hold a teleconference to discuss the importance of their mother’s in their lives, their work and their families.


Thursday,     May 10, 2018,     1:15 p.m.


 Interview by Teleconference: 1-800-444-2801, Code 946-4215 




The influence of mothers across generations is seldom recognized.  Rosie the Riveters want to change that. “Rosies” often say their mothers were a great influence on their lives and work.  Three women who speak for the American Rosie Movement (ARM) will discuss their mothers’ impact on their lives and their commitment to next generations.   

1.  Anna Hess grew up on a farm near Spencer, WV without electricity or running water.  At the start of World War II, men in her family went to war or to factories in Akron. Her mother riveted airplanes at Goodyear, while Anna, at age 15, made military truck tires in a smaller factory.  Anna strongly feels that her mother’s influence has lasted generations. Anna is now a major player in the American Rosie Movement (headquartered in WV). She lives in Morgantown, WV   

2.  Neva Rees grew up on a dairy farm near Fairmont, WV. At 6’ tall she was captain of her high school basketball team before she helped to build control rooms for Goodyear blimps during the war. She nurtured her husband for many years before he died of complications from “jungle rot” and Malaria. She lives in Marietta, OH 

3.   Anne Montague grew up in west Huntington, while her mother worked at Polan Industries nearby.  Anne has been inspired her mother as she has worked for 10 years to develop comprehensive program to help Americans to get to know and work with living Rosies, who are usually in their 90s.  She lives in Charleston, WV

The press is asked to listen for 45 minutes, then ask questions. Photos are available of Rosies and the mothers of Anna Hess and Anne Montague.    

The American Rosie Movement (ARM) is a new kind of social movement that guides people to get work done that preserves the meaning and motivations of Rosie the Riveters.

ARM It will be kicked off in Huntington, WV with the theme song “Thank You, Rosie, with Your Rivetin’ Smile”, at the Cabell County Library at 6:00, 5th Ave and 9th St.,Monday, May 14.   Video of the Huntington event will be used to teach the song across America. 

Contact: Anne Montague, Exec. Dir.

304-776-4743(o), 304-545-9818(c) or teleconference below

[email protected]                       



Thanks! Plain and Simple, Inc. (“Thanks!”) creates ways for Americans to pull together, using Rosie the Riveters as the example of Americans who still unify to do first-quality work, cooperatively, to preserve freedom and use it wisely. 


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