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Making Amends: Voters have four opportunities to amend West Virginia Constitution

By Steven Allen Adams, The Journal

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – While weighing the pros and cons of candidates on the ballot in November, voters also have the opportunity to make changes to West Virginia’s Constitution, including three amendments that would give the Legislature more authority.

Four constitutional amendments are on the ballot when voters head to the polls. The amendments give more freedoms to religious institutions, untie the hands of lawmakers to reduce or eliminate certain taxes, provide greater oversight of education policy and clarify the separation of powers between branches of state government.

The Legislature puts constitutional amendments on either special election ballots or coinciding with a primary or general election by passing House or Senate joint resolutions. Resolutions must pass the House of Delegates and Senate with a two-thirds majority vote in both bodies before being placed before voters, where a simple majority is needed for the amendments to be adopted…

To read more: https://www.journal-news.net/journal-news/making-amends-voters-have-four-opportunities-to-amend-w-va-constitution/article_3d0a8a51-9b45-5569-9141-d42d6d22176d.html

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