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West Virginia House passes bill creating penalties for first responder fentanyl exposure

By Steven Allen Adams, The Inter-Mountain

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Members of the West Virginia House of Delegates passed a bill Monday providing additional penalties for people charged with exposing police or emergency first responders to fentanyl.

House Bill 2184, increasing the penalties for exposure of governmental representatives to fentanyl or any other harmful drug, passed 94-2 with Delegates Barbara Fleischauer, D-Monongalia, and Mike Pushkin, D-Kanawha, voting no.

HB 2184 creates a new crime for anyone who intentionally or unlawfully possesses fentanyl or any other dangerous chemical and exposes law enforcement officers, fire or medical first responders, correctional employees, healthcare providers, utility workers, or any other government officials.

If the exposure results in injury, the person can be charged with a felony, though an amendment to the bill adopted on Friday would immunize someone from charges if that person attempts to offer emergency care to the exposed person at the scene of the accident, otherwise known as the Good Samaritan law…

To read more: https://www.theintermountain.com/news/local-news/2022/01/house-passes-bill-creating-penalties-for-first-responder-fentanyl-exposure/

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