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Editorial: West Virginia must change its ways or turn out the lights

From The Register-Herald of Beckley: 

If West Virginia wants to seriously take a run at finding a cultural, educational and economic mojo that entrepreneurs and businesses can take to the bank, if it wants to shape a place with lifestyle options that younger folks would find attractive and inviting, then it will also have to address the constricting and limiting ways of cultural conservatism and find a way to outwardly celebrate diversity in all forms.

If the state’s civic, business, educational and political leaders do not make major accommodations for the generation that is coming of age – the Millennials – then we may as well roll up the welcome mat and turn out the lights.

It should come to no one’s surprise that West Virginia’s population is growing long in the tooth and decreasing in numbers. Those statistical profiles are not ideal in any circumstance, but especially troubling in combination. …

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