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Devanna Corley named president of SEVA Inc. 

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. — SEVA Works, an Atlanta-based firm, is proud to announce the selection of Devanna Corley as President of SEVA Inc.   SEVA Inc. will practice as its guiding principle environmental protection, inclusion and stewardship.The West Virginia operations, also under the leadership of Corley will strive to preserve and protect the environment, West Virginia’s coveted natural resources and is committed to quality projects that promote renewable and sustainable development, while creating jobs.   

Devanna Corley

Corley, a West Virginia native and benefactor of growing up in a coal community brings a rich knowledge and understanding of the impact coal has on our great state.  Additionally, Corley knows the importance of forging relationships across diverse social and political networks.  Corley stated “I take great pride in the opportunity to serve as the President of SEVA Inc.  I am ready to roll up my sleeves and get into the trenches with West Virginia leadership, funding agencies, educators and citizens to seek out opportunities that include property development on former coal sites, renewable energy sources, local business partnerships and underserved groups for the advancement of all of West Virginia. I intend to identify and collaborate with constituents on every level to ensure transparent activities that allow us to be good stewards within the communities we serve.”  Corley fully embraces the definition of SEVA, a term that means “selfless service.”  Corley has a proven track record of working with others to deliver results on both a personal and professional level.    

Corley brings more than 25 years of experience and a diverse background to SEVA, including previous roles at leading law, higher education, and industry-related firms. “Devanna is an exceptional communicator and collaborative leader who will oversee operations,” said Robert Crowder, founder of SEVA.  “I became acquainted with Devanna about a year ago, her level of understanding, ability to articulate complex matters in lay terms and connect with people is impressive.  Devanna understands business, relationships, relates to people on every level and she was hand-picked to serve as the President of SEVA Inc.  She will be working alongside a team of seasoned investors who have national and international portfolios and represent many facets of industry, both public and private.”  

Crowder added “Devanna has my full support and through collaboration with others, precise understanding of initiatives and the financial resources needed to support her efforts, SEVA Inc. will be a change agent for communities.”   Devanna stated “I look forward to contributing to the economy of West Virginia while using my past experiences and industry relationships to redefine and cultivate economic development and renewable energy projects in the place I call home.”  Corley earned her undergraduate degree and Master of Business Administration from Fairmont State University, where she served as Vice President of Institutional advancement and adjunct faculty member.   Corley resides in Marion County with her husband, Tony and their children Brandon and Kayla.   

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