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Bill would monitor long-term effects of substance use disorder treatment

By Courtney Hessler, The Herald-Dispatch

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The West Virginia House of Delegates on Thursday approved a Senate bill that would create a pilot project to review the effect substance use disorder treatment programs have on patients up to three years after they are discharged.

Senate Bill 419 creates a pilot program allowing the Department of Health and Human Resources to enter into contract with managed care organizations that allow payments based upon performance-based metrics.

The program would evaluate the impact post-discharge planning and wraparound services have on the outcomes of people living with substance use disorder in the three years following their residential treatment.

Ultimately, it would examine if performance-based funding would result in better, long-term solutions for people in recovery…

To read more: https://www.herald-dispatch.com/news/bill-would-monitor-long-term-effects-of-substance-use-disorder-treatment/article_cf6f8fc6-efca-555e-9fad-f23979a6d1a2.html

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