What are tax credits for, anyway?

A column by Daily Mail editorial writer Laurie Lin from the Charleston Gazette-Mail 

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A tax credit program the West Virginia Legislature revised and renewed in the final hours of its 2014 session is in the news again.

Why? Well, it appears the major beneficiary of the program is both the state’s wealthiest citizen and a candidate for governor.

And for many people, that raises some questions.

The Gazette-Mail’s David Gutman reported on Sunday that three of the four projects that have applied for state tax credits under the West Virginia Tourism Development Act are associated with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jim Justice, owner of The Greenbrier.

And the only project that has so far been approved to receive the credits? The resort’s new football practice facilities.

Before we dial up the outrage, let’s step back for a moment and ask: What’s the point of a tax credit?

Tax credits are carrots offered by the government…

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