Are W.Va. gun owners’ rights being infringed on?

An editorial from the Charleston Daily Mail 

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — There is no controversy on the need to train inexperienced drivers, usually young people, on how to drive a car before granting them a license to do so.

Automobiles are highly useful. But operated by someone untrained, automobiles are dangerous.

Yet no lobbying group is pushing to remove the requirement for drivers to be trained, tested and licensed.

So it makes one wonder why the National Rifle Association is pushing West Virginia legislators to change the law regarding concealed carry permits in West Virginia.

To be clear, most adults don’t need a permit or a license to legally carry a gun in West Virginia. Adults with no felony convictions can go to most public and private places with a handgun strapped to their belt. No training required. No special permits. No need to explain. No problem.

But carrying a concealed weapon does require a permit in West Virginia, as it does in 46 other states.

Obtaining a permit is not difficult…

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