Sick-leave payouts should follow the rules

An editorial from The Herald-Dispatch

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — Huntington City Council member Scott Caserta sparked a firestorm last week when he asked Cabell County’s prosecutor to investigate whether a payout of nearly $34,000 to a former city police chief for accrued sick time violated a city ordinance.

Within two days, Caserta was voted out as chairman by his fellow council members, who said they felt betrayed that he hadn’t first brought the matter to them or the mayor. Caserta’s colleagues have a point; discussing the issue with the mayor or bringing it up during a council meeting should have been his course of action.

But Caserta had a point, too, and his allegation bears close scrutiny – not only in the case of former chief Skip Holbrook, but in how all sick leave payouts are handled…

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