Region needs stronger focus on financial literacy

An editorial from The Herald-Dispatch

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — In a region where money is tight, it would make sense to teach young people about how to handle the money they do have.

But when it comes to teaching personal finance in our schools, West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky are still behind the curve.

Even students graduating at the top of their high school class come out with too little knowledge of the basics – from budgeting and saving to handling credit and insurance.

 Certainly, it is a national problem. In fact, the former head of the Federal Reserve Board, Alan Greenspan, said, “The No. 1 problem in today’s generation and the economy is the lack of financial literacy.”

But it is an even bigger problem in our region.

Just recently, West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio were all ranked among the least financially savvy states in a survey…

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