Newspapers spread sunshine all year long

Sunshine Week logo 2An editorial from The Times West Virginian


“Open Government is Good Government”

That’s the theme of this week — Sunshine Week.

It’s not the literal sunshine, though we wish we could promise you that the big ball of fire in the sky would keep it bright and warm all week and encourage spring to spring a little faster.

But this kind of sunshine is very important to your day-to-day life. And you may not even know just how important it is.

This sunshine keeps government open and in the light of public view. This is very important so that the actions of elected and appointed public officials are not done in secret, and the public can be fully informed. Having information like that allows people to know not only what their government is doing but why.

An enlightened public has access to information that can be used to make their lives and their communities better and stronger.

With only a few exceptions, government records and meetings are open to the public. This is Sunshine Week, an initiative of the American Societies of News Editors…

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