We need to find common ground on gun control

An editorial from The Register-Herald 

BECKLEY, W.Va. — We are not coming for your guns. But we do need to put politics aside along with the defeatist attitude we’ve seemed to have adopted as a nation and have a serious discussion about gun safety and gun control.

A week ago Sunday, 49 people were shot to death and 53 others wounded in an Orlando, Fla., nightclub. The perpetrator was an American-born Muslim. The reaction was predictable: gun control conversations lit up social media, a certain presidential candidate called yet again for a ban on all Muslims entering our country, gun sales spiked, lobbyists went to work, gun control measures in the U.S. Senate failed, the killings across our country continued and the political gulf between right and left seemed to grow deeper and wider.

In the week following the murderous assault at the Pulse nightclub, over 500 people were shot in America, 228 of them fatally…

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