Misguided protest for state funding

An editorial from the Parkersburg News and Sentinel

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. — A group called Our Children, Our Future is planning a protest in Charleston Tuesday, where it hopes to capitalize on the special legislative session, expected to begin today, in order to shame legislators and Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin into restoring more of the $1.06 million in cuts to programs such as Child Advocacy Centers, Family Resource Networks and domestic violence legal programs.

Tomblin has already performed about as many financial gymnastics as he could, in moving money from one account to another in order to restore $260,000 from the cuts. But that is not good enough for these folks.

“We are asking the governor to tell these families they will still get a hand up out of poverty,” said Our Children, Our Future steering committee member Jamie Gudielle.

Yes, this bunch is well organized enough to have a steering committee, but apparently not enough to understand the governor cannot simply click his heels and make more money appear in the state budget, nor is he willing to lie to those who may be in desperate situations and tell them the state is capable of providing for them all the resources they might want…

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