Make use of early voting period

An editorial from the Weirton Daily Times

WEIRTON, W.Va. — West Virginia’s primary election is set for May 10.

On that day, Mountain State residents will be heading to the polls to voice their opinions on numerous local and state elections, as well as contribute toward the selection of the Republican and Democratic nominees for president.

There will be a lot to take in, and it is up to every registered voter to make sure they are informed of the platforms of each candidate, the effects of any ballot issue or levy, and the procedures used to determine each winner.

Before that, though, there is the early voting period.

Early voting begins today in West Virginia, and gives voters who are not able to make it to the polls on May 10 a chance to still cast their ballot. In West Virginia, you don’t need a special reason to use the early voting period, all you need to do is show up at your local county courthouse during regular business hours – as well as this Saturday and May 7 – and ask to vote.

You can even pick up a copy of the sample ballot to better acquaint yourself with the candidates and issues before you vote. This year, especially, with all the options for presidential delegates, state races, local campaigns and more, that would be a good idea.

Despite all the talk of “corrupt” systems this year, taking part in the election process is still among the best ways for us, as Americans, to let our voices be heard. It is through voting we decide on who will represent us on city councils, county commissions, in legislatures, in Congress and other offices. It is how levies, and even some laws, are determined. It helps to set us on a path for the future.

We encourage all registered voters in West Virginia to participate.

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