Letter to the Editor: Keep smoke-free regulations

To the Editor,
As a lung cancer survivor from secondhand smoke, I urge you to read this:

West Virginia legislators have proposed a bill that would weaken smoke-free regulations by allowing exemptions to the current and future protections.

This isn’t all about me but here is my history to help you understand my passion and why I strongly oppose this legislation.

I have never smoked and I am a 61/2-year lung cancer survivor, losing my right lower lobe.  Every year I live in fear until I get the most recent result of my test results. I am a fighter and refuse to let this control my life, however this is an evil disease that can rear its ugly head at any time.  It is not fair that my life may be cut short due to secondhand smoke. I was exposed both through public facilities, such as my work places, restaurants, businesses and also through personal contact.  have 3 grandchildren I am enjoying watching grow into wonderful, young adults. I want to see them accomplish their dreams – and they have big dreams — and meet their children. I’m praying they never become addicted to smoking or suffer serious or fatal health problems because of secondhand smoke. 

In addition, I have lost friends who were non-smokers and have friends now that are suffering because of secondhand smoke exposure.  Do you want this for your family and friends?   Others who have to work in businesses that want to allow smoking deserve the same protection as you and me from secondhand smoke. We need to ask our legislators to OPPOSE SB 109 and protect everyone’s right to breathe smoke free air, protect our health and save lives in West Virginia.

Doris Graley, 

Charleston, W.Va.

ACS CAN Volunteer

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