A hope for real jobs

A Gazette editorial from the Charleston Gazette-Mail 

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Four years ago, Daniel Pearlson and fellow business associates announced a plan to build an ammunition factory at Las Vegas. His partners were a supposed British lord, a Nevada promoter accused of stock fraud and a man who had pleaded guilty to bribery. The Las Vegas plant never was built, as David Gutman and Andrew Brown revealed in Sunday’s Gazette-Mail.

Next, Pearlson vowed to build an ammo plant at Mineral Wells, Texas — but it, too, failed to materialize.

Last month, Pearlson led a grand announcement of plans to build a $50 million factory on an abandoned strip mine near Belle. The plant supposedly would produce “harmonically tuned” bullets and employ more than 400.

Some politicians hailed the Kanawha Valley announcement. The Republican governor nominee said it was “proof that Bill Cole’s pro-job agenda is working.”

 When reporters Gutman and Brown called one of Pearlson’s former partners in Las Vegas, he laughed and said, “These guys are famous for putting out these press releases…

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