Hillary Clinton’s visit to Williamson historic

Kyle Lovern
Kyle Lovern

A column by Kyle Lovern, editor of the Williamson Daily News

WILLIAMSON, W.Va. — Whether you support the Democratic Party or Hillary Clinton, her visit to Williamson was an historic event.

Clinton is the first presidential candidate to visit Williamson, an old town dependent on the railroad and coal industries, since John F. Kennedy campaigned in the Mingo and Logan Counties back in 1960.

Lyndon Johnson visited nearby Martin County back in 1964 to launch his War On Poverty.

Jesse Jackson spent a night with a Logan County coal miner during one of his presidential runs back in the 1980s.

Ted Kennedy also made a couple of visits to Mingo County, one in the early 1990s.

But to have a front runner of one of the major political parties travel to a small town in southern West Virginia is special…

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