Eliminating concealed carry permit a bad idea

An editorial from the Williamson Daily News

WILLIAMSON, W.Va. — The bill in the West Virginia legislature that would see the Mountain State become the fifth state not to require concealed handgun permits is as dangerous as a cocked pistol.

A state Senate panel cast a unanimous vote on Monday to drop the need to get concealed carry permits. Only Alaska, Arizona, Vermont and Wyoming don’t have the requirement.

Times have changed and we are not living in the old West. Of course those cowboys wore their guns in plain sight with their leather holsters strapped to their legs.

But letting just anyone carry a loaded and hidden handgun could cause plenty of problems, not only for law enforcement officers, but for average citizens.

Currently, to carry a concealed weapon, you must take a safety course from an approved instructor and then pay a fee at the local courthouse and register with the sheriff’s department.

Some people need to carry a gun. We have no problem with that.

But to not have a registered list and to let anyone carry a concealed pistol is a big mistake…

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