Education must be allowed to move forward

An editorial from The Register-Herald

BECKLEY, W.Va. — The way things are going at the state capitol during this legislative season in Charleston, the Senate and the House of Delegates can’t agree on much of anything.

As Register-Herald reporter Pamela Pritt described in today’s front-page story, the two chambers operate in a near vacuum.

Sometimes, that’s not such a good thing — like the current budget stalemate that has pitted the “no new taxes” caucus against the “need new revenues” advocates. This failure to negotiate has blown up into what seems like an impasse, especially with Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin signaling that legislators need to keep their mitts out of the Rainy Day Fund. On Tuesday afternoon, the Senate Finance Committee passed a budget bill that includes revenue measures the House of Delegates is unlikely to pass. Compromise is not on the near term agenda, and time is running out. As such, the budget imbroglio looks to be headed to a special session later this summer where the push and pull will continue. So, yes, stay tuned.

But just as failed legislative action can lead us down an uncertain path, it sometimes provides clarity. On the proposed repeal of Common Core standards for our schools, we’re pleased that legislators can only agree to disagree…

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