Why would anyone push back against vaccinations?

An editorial from The Times West Virginian

FAIRMONT, W.Va. — More than 15 years ago, the Centers for Disease Control reported that the measles virus had been officially eliminated from the United States.

Or not so much.

 Just ask the more than 120 people who picked up the virus while visiting Disneyland. While advertised to be the “happiest place on Earth,” we’re sure that itchy and painful red bumps, high fevers and other complications didn’t make for happy memories for some families.

Because of pockets of people who are resisting vaccinating their children, the disease is making a comeback in this country. As is mumps. And rubella.

Some claim that the possible connection to MMR vaccines and autism, though repeatedly denied by health officials from the top down, has caused an increase in the number of parents who choose not to have their children vaccinated.

We will again repeat what every top-level medical professional says — there is no scientific connection between the vaccine and autism. We are surely not concerned with what social media fueled by paranoia has to say on that issue.

Other parents are concerned that “Big Pharma” is pushing poison into their children and that schools are requiring it to happen.

Yes. The schools do require that children have vaccinations. And rightfully so…


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