American flag will always be more than symbol

An editorial from The Times West Virginian 

FAIRMONT, W.Va. — In mid-April, a story and accompanying photograph about an art project in Farmington were printed on the front page of the Times West Virginian.

The project, completed by students from West Virginia University, involved painting colorful images on some of the town’s crosswalks as part of a project for the students’ class. The painted crosswalks were described as a way to beautify the town and were something Mayor Donna Costello had wanted to do for several years.

“It would just brighten up the town of Farmington,” Costello said at the time. “I think people would actually appreciate it.”

It was encouraging to see not only their efforts to improve the municipality, but also that WVU students were involved in the project.

There were various images planned to be painted on the crosswalks — a coal miner pushing a coal cart, a Farmington Farmers design and a WVU design — but the photograph in the newspaper showed the students painting an interpretation of the American flag on one of the streets.

And that caused quite an uproar…

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