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Talk about gun rights sparks hike in permits

FAIRMONT, W.Va. — Over the past three years, those purchasing concealed weapons permits in Marion County has fluctuated.

According to records from the Marion County Sheriff’s Department, in 2013, 1,334 permits were purchased by residents. That number went down to 869 in 2014 and rose again in 2015 to 918.

 Already in 2016, records show that over 80 permits have been purchased through the sheriff’s department. Marion County Sheriff Joe Carpenter said that’s a lot for the first 17 days, but he’s not surprised.

“Any time there is a talk about gun control or people are afraid their gun rights will be taken away, we get a surge of requests for permits,” he said.

With the highest number in the last three years being in 2013, Carpenter has an explanation for that surge.

“That’s when the talk first started heavily…


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