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Reward rising as WV slain dog story goes worldwide

FALLING WATERS, W.Va. — The owner of Ryu, the family husky that was found mutilated and hanging outside a home in Falling Waters, hopes the case’s attention can bring a positive outcome for others.

Danielle Teran, Ryu’s owner, says the reward has been increased and hopes her experience can bring positive change.

“We’re up to about $12,500 for a reward,” Teran said. “This is thanks to the kindness of the Humane Society and many individuals like DJ from 100 Proof Tattoo.”

Teran says the increased $12,500 reward is for information leading to the identity of the person responsible for the killing and mutilation of Ryu last week.

“I’m doing it for Ryu and doing it for everyone who’s gone through something like this before,” Teran said. “I’m doing it anyone who thinks of hurting an animal so they know there are people out there that won’t give up or let someone get away with something like this.”

Ryu has received support from across the world as well as a swell of local support for the Teran family.

“It’s the only thing that’s keeping me going right now besides coffee,” Teran said. “Hopefully it stops someone and brings media attention to people who do these things and bring seriousness to the issue.”

Teran has received a lot of support from local individuals and groups including the Humane Society.

“We definitely want to do what we can do to encourage those with information to come forward,” said Heather Severt, West Virginia State Director with the Humane Society of the United States of America. “Sometimes money is an incentive for those with information to contact law enforcement so the investigation can move forward.”

The Humane Society issued a press release Wednesday saying they’ve added $5,000 to the reward fund and hopes it can be put to use.

“We try to help the public see the connection that links animal cruelty, human violence and many other crimes,” Severt said. “Animal cruelty and human violence tend to go hand in hand; it goes beyond animals.”

Severt said animal cruelty has strong links to human violence and other anti-social behavior.

“These egregious actions, it’s something to be concerned about,” Severt said. “You have to look down the line to see who else can be at risk like children. Hopefully we can catch them before they do something else. If they can do this it’s hard to imagine what else they’d do.”

The Humane Society hopes the money will inspire someone with information to come forward to law enforcement.

“The only hope we have now is to reach someone, or maybe someone who hears something, and for them to contact law enforcement as soon as they know,” Severt said. “Sharing information on social media or publicly is often not the recommended route but to go directly to investigating parties.”

Teran says she is determined for something good to come out of this situation that has gained national attention.

“I’m going to make something good come from this,” Teran said. “A lobbyist group from Michigan contacted me and wanted to use Ryu’s story to help strengthen their own animal cruelty laws and I said, ‘Yes, absolutely!'”

The attention on Ryu and the story has also sparked outcry from around the world.

“I’ve had people send condolences from Australia, Scandinavia, Japan, Mexico, South America, Croatia, Canada, England and more,” Teran said. “Something good will come out of this.”

The support and attention she’s received has been overwhelming but she says it really means a lot to her family.

“I know whatever happens will not make up for the loss but I don’t know what I would have done without everyone’s support,” Teran said. “It really means a lot. Something good will come from this.”

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department at 304-267-7000.

Staff writer Matt Dellinger can be reached at 304-263-3381, ext. 128, or

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