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A Look at ‘Life in the Ohio Valley:’ Six-part series runs through Wednesday

The Intelligencer/Wheeling News Register

Life in the Ohio Valley.

For many of us, it’s a life where we can raise our families, enjoy our friendships and live in relative peace in quiet. We’re close enough to cities such as Pittsburgh and Columbus that we can enjoy, through a simple day trip, what major metropolitan areas have to offer yet we don’t have to worry about all of the issues that can come through big-city living.

As we ponder that type of a lifestyle, questions do come up that are worth exploring. How do we really live? How do we learn? And who are we as a community of like-minded people who seek nothing more than the American Dream?

Those topics are part of a six-part series that starts in today’s paper titled “Life in the Ohio Valley.” We focus today on What We Drive and Where We Work, and then on Tuesday look at How We Live and How We Learn. Wednesday’s two sections focus on How We Shop and Who We Are.

One of the stories inside the Who We Are section focuses on a business that is looking at the Ohio Valley from above — and its owner, Jeremy Lewis, is viewing a much different picture of the Ohio Valley than many of us see. He’s witnessing the area’s beauty and charm, life as it’s lived in a river valley. It’s just one of dozens of stories throughout the next three days that helps to tell our region’s story.

In What We Drive, we look at the classic car collection of a local judge, and the passion he has for what’s become his life’s love, outside of his family and his work.

Throughout, we work to tell the Ohio Valley’s story.

“As we planned this project, we kept coming back to how interesting it would be to look at these topics as they pertain to life in the Ohio Valley,” said John McCabe, managing editor of The Intelligencer and Wheeling News-Register. “We’re excited with the end product, and hope you enjoy reading in the days ahead.”

The project was a joint effort of the staffs at The Intelligencer and Wheeling News-Register, The Times Leader, the Wetzel Chronicle and the Tyler Star-News.

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