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WVU president calls for sexual assault dialogue

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — WVU President E. Gordon Gee agrees that colleges and universities should have zero-tolerance attitudes regarding sexual assault.

However, he fears that it will lead to a zero tolerance of conversation and dialogue among students.

In an April 2 opinion piece in the Chronicle of Higher Education, the university president said, “the issue … has been a metaphorical bomb dropped on the reputation of American higher education.”

But “when it comes to an issue as critically important to student safety and well-being as sexual violence, nothing should be off the table,” he wrote.

And in order to do this, colleges and universities have to have transparent conversations with students in order to “get to a place where students can have awkward discussions without being afraid of conversations on awkward topics.”

Gee, when asked the impetus for writing the opinion piece, said he felt it gave him an opportunity to lay out his own beliefs regarding the issue.

And with April being Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the university will host two upcoming events…

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