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WV group says charitable donations are dropping

BECKLEY, W.Va. — People aren’t giving as much to charitable organizations as they used to, according to a state organization – to the tune of a lost $10 million in a single year.

Philanthropy West Virginia said there was a 2.2 percent decline in giving between 2012 and 2013 – the most recent year used for the data crunch by the the group.

 A drop of about 2 percent may not seem like much, but that adds up to about $10 million in lost donations, group members said. The decline in donations was because of the state’s slower recovery from the 2008 recession, they added.

Local groups say they’ve been feeling the pinch of lost donations, even now.

“We haven’t seen as much donation as we are used to seeing,” said Nicole Adkins, assistant director at the Raleigh County Animal Shelter.

“I’m interested in seeing if that will slack off during (the holidays) as well. I’m hoping that it doesn’t…


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