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West Virginia No. 1 in female incarceration

BECKLEY, W.Va. — West Virginia has the highest rate of female incarceration in the world, imprisoning women at twice the rate of Thailand and more than six times the rate of United Arab Emirates, according to a new report released by the non-profit group Prison Policy Initiative.

A new report called “States of Women’s Incarceration: The Global Context,” shows how each American state’s incarceration rates compare with countries of the world.

 The United States incarcerates 716 people — both men and women — per 100,000 residents, which is more than any other country.

West Virginia incarcerates 273 women per 100,000, followed by Oklahoma with 226 and Kentucky with 220.

This report reveals that each individual state incarcerates women at a higher rate than international norms.

West Virginia’s rate of 273 compares to China’s rate of 71 per 100,000…


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