Dominion Post photo

Dominion Post photo

ARTHURDALE, W.Va. — The new West Preston School in Arthurdale was dedicated Oct. 24.

Both the principal, Mark Graham, and the superintendent of Preston County, Steve Wotring, spoke at the dedication.

The school, which students started attending Oct. 14, is equipped with a number of technological devices. There is a presentation station, a laptop, a document camera and a projector in each classroom, according to Graham.

The range of modern technology inside the building matches the modern exterior design of the facility. Graham said he likes the unique design despite people’s comments that it does not look like a building that would be in Arthurdale.

Several students have said they enjoy the modern design of the building because it looks like a popular video game for children. “Some of the little kids said the pattern on the outside looked like Minecraft, so they really like it,” Graham said.

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