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Piedmont officials seek state demolition help

Saying that Howell would personally “deliver a letter to the Governor,” Boggs said the correspondence was sent “complete with six photos” of the buildings.
Mentioning that one of the photos showed the area on Childs Avenue, located on State Route 46, where parts of the burned buildings are leaning outward, Boggs stated, “This is dangerous,” noting that school buses pass directly under this spot.
He also said that part of the letter to Gov. Tomblin asked for emergency funding to remove the remains of the burned buildings, “so debris will not fall onto the street and roadway.”
According to Boggs, the response from the office of the Governor showed that because part of the destroyed structures are on a state route, the Department of Highways could be contacted for assistance, along with a review of available grants.
With the process of contacting the Department of Highways completed, he said, “We are now waiting on the DOH to see if they can help…

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