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Morgantown’s post-Baylor win damages total $45k

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Morgantown is expending roughly $45,000 to cover the costs of the damages sustained to the city, as well as replenishing the stocks of riot control equipment, following the win over Baylor.

Damages were assessed by all city departments, including Public Works who reported $7,478.83 spent toward repairs, resupplying town equipment and compensating labor and overtime. Among the various costs: $1,792.03 was reported to repair damaged street lights, along with $600 to replace two light posts and bases torn down during the events of Oct. 18. Other expenditures include $718.44 to replace and reinstall traffic signs torn down by rioters.

The Fire Department reported nearly $4,000 to replace damaged items and pay for overtime. Not included in this figure was the cost to repair damaged vehicles during the riots; $2,500 was spent in repairs to vehicles and engines that sustained damages from thrown rocks or bottles. $100 was spent repairing damages to a vehicle exposed to tear gas.

The department has also requested $2,211.15 in items needed for personal protection, including helmets and gas masks.

The Morgantown Police Department is spending a total of $28,209.13 of ordered equipment and supplies to replace the gear that was used…

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