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Mingo school board regains local control

DELBARTON, W.Va. — The Mingo County Board of Education (BOE) regained local control after nine years under the guidance of the West Virginia State Board (WVSBE) on Wednesday morning.

The West Virginia State Board of Education (WVSBE) held a meeting at Mingo Central Comprehensive High School and relinquished local control back to the BOE. The auditorium was filled with faculty, staff, students and observers anxiously awaiting the announcement of Mingo County BOE’s future. The audience broke out in loud applause when the WVSBE unanimously voted to return full control to BOE on December 1, 2014.

The Mingo County BOE lost control as a result of official complaints in 2004 to the WVBE regarding the failure of the BOE to implement its 10 Year Comprehensive Educational Facilities Plan (CEFP), a negative financial trend, and limited high school curriculum offerings. The WVBE declared a state of emergency existed in the school system and voted to issue non-approval status to the Mingo County School System and voted unanimously to intervene into the operation of the Mingo County School System.

The OEPA Executive Director, Gus Penix, addressed the WVSBE to share his findings as a result of the October 2014 audit review. The audit was conducted according to guidelines set to assess BOE’s progress in transacting meetings, adhering to WVBE policies, and demonstrating willingness to manage the affairs of the Mingo County School District in a fiscally responsible, ethical, and legal manner…

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