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Mingo County Commission lays off 20 workers

WILLIAMSON, W.Va. — The Mingo County Commission (MCC) met on Monday during a special session to announce layoffs and reduction in hours for many of their county employees.

MCC President John Mark Hubbard opened the special meeting by stating that he and the commissioners had concerns for each person involved. He said the Commission hopes, “You realize that the Commissioners have looked into ways to avoid having this meeting.”

“We have looked at every way, across the board, to avoid pay cuts and reducing hours,” said Hubbard. “Even with all the cuts and reductions the Commission has determined we must reduce the availability of some of the services offered to the county.”

Hubbard went on to report that effective May 1 there will be reductions for some in employment hours and benefits and layoffs for others.

Commissioner Greg ‘Hootie’ Smith said, “This is very difficult, tough, we know how hard it is for anyone to try and make a dollar in the economy we live in. Any decisions made here today were not made based upon work ethics or job performance. Any decisions made were based on the financial situation of the county, the lack of coal severance money coming in and the public not paying their property taxes…

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