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Feds suspend benefits linked to Huntington judge

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — The Social Security Administration confirmed Wednesday its suspension of disability benefits to more than 900 people during a review of 1,500 cases, all linked to Kentucky attorney Eric C. Conn and former Social Security administrative judge David B. Daugherty of Huntington.

Social Security mailed the notices last week, after its Office of the Inspector General found evidence of fraud in cases involving four doctors used by The Conn Law Firm in Stanville, Kentucky.

Word of the review comes after Congressional investigators alleged Conn relied upon those medical experts for false or fraudulent testimony, while Daugherty assigned himself those cases and awarded benefits to hundreds of applicants without justification.

The Inspector General’s findings require Social Security to disregard evidence from those sources and reconsider each person’s eligibility.

“Social Security has completed the initial review and determined these approximate 1,500 individuals were not eligible for benefits based on the remaining evidence in the case file,” spokesperson LaVenia J. LaVelle wrote in the prepared release.

The move immediately suspended benefits for more than 900…

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