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Charleston pair compiles barn quilt photo books

Charleston Daily Mail courtesy photo
Charleston Daily Mail courtesy photo

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Two West Virginia quilters have discovered a related interest.

Sara Hoblitzel and Holly Flint, both of Charleston, have traveled many miles of winding roads in search of barn quilts, colorful painted blocks with patterns or pictures found on structures.

Neither remembers exactly how the hobby began six years ago. However, the quest has proven to be so addictive that they have compiled six books containing photographs of their artistic finds.

Barn quilts are works of art found on barns as well as businesses, garages and houses. While many take the shape of quilt patterns, some reflect pictures related to a particular farm or business. Some areas have turned them into tourist attractions with pamphlets available showing a map of a barn quilt trail.

Hoblitzel and Flint, both in their 60s, are longtime friends who take “girl trips” to seek out quilt trails.

“I drive and she navigates…

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