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WVU Tech’s campus president makes announcements on arrival of upcoming students


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BECKLEY, W.Va. — WVU Tech President Carolyn Long told neighborhood residents and city officials Wednesday they have nothing to fear in regard to the Beckley campus officially opening its doors to students next week because they will all work as a community in going through the motions together.

People listen intently as WVU Tech President Carolyn Long speaks during a meeting with campus neighbors and others interested in the college’s 2017-18 year at Carter Hall in Beckley Wednesday.
(Photo by Chris Jackson)

In an effort to help make the transition from the Montgomery campus to Beckley easier, Long made announcements during the meet-and-greet event to help alleviate any confusion or concern those in the area may have.

“We’re Tech people,” she said. “We help everyone, it’s just what we do.”

Long said it is important to her and WVU Tech’s faculty and staff that they be good neighbors to those residing nearby.

“We’re here to make sure if there are any problems, then they are only minor problems. WVU Tech students have a reputation of being absolutely magnificent, and we don’t expect any less of them throughout this transition.”

With over 1,000 students set to begin classes Wednesday, Long announced the campus will host a picnic Sunday to welcome freshman to the new campus and to form connections with community officials.

“This will be a way for students to get acquainted with some of our community service partners in the area, and think of what they’d like to do when it comes to student involvement in the community.”

Long said the school has 11 sites where students will participate in service projects, and eight of those sites are in Beckley.

“It is important we give back to the place that holds our school,” she said. “We need to teach our students that, it’s part of their education.”

WVU Tech officials hope to reach their goal of 1 million community service project hours completed by 2020. “It’s the goal of the university system, and we have 42 active student organizations serving our campus and our community.”

Long explained how although classes begin next week, construction is still ongoing.

“There isn’t a building on this campus that we haven’t done something to,” she said. “Everything is sparkling and as new as it can possibly be for our upcoming students.”

Of those upcoming students, Long said they have well over 100 international students from over 20 different nations set to arrive next week.

“It’s going to be interesting,” she said with a laugh. “All of them are fluent in English, and can speak it quite well, but the accents are what will make things interesting and fun for all of us.”

“We have students from New Jersey that have an accent, and then we have the kids from Logan County that have the accent, and then we have those from all different countries that have an accent. It’ll just be something new to take on together.”

Long said it is important for a small campus like WVU Tech to have an abundance of international students because they can provide Beckley with a small dose of diversity. “We are so glad to have all of them here with us.”

WVU Tech plans to be like any other college and provide its students with experiences. Long said she hopes this will tie the community and its students together.

She said the school plans to host picnics, career service fairs, homecoming activities and several other events, like any other school. “We want them to enjoy their time.”

On WVU Tech’s first day of classes, Long said they plan to bury a time capsule for students, where each can put something inside.

“We believe it to be important these students make their mark,” she said. “This is a monumental step for us, and 50 years from now they will open up many memories.”

West Virginia University President E. Gordon Gee will be at the first day of classes event to announce a donation to the new campus.

The event will take place at 12:30 p.m. Wednesday on the lawn in front of Carter Hall.

“Everyone is welcome,” Long said. “This place is now the home for WVU Tech, and we want the community to remain involved.”

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