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WVU business school wins national Award of Excellence for economic outlook publication

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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — A publication produced by the West Virginia University College of Business and Economics has been recognized with the national Award of Excellence for Print Publications by the Association for University Business and Economic Research.

West Virginia Economic Outlook is among the BBER publications that are available to the public.
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West Virginia Economic Outlook 2017-2021 was presented the award recently at the AUBER national conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Dr. John Deskins, director of the WVU Bureau of Business and Economic Research, housed in B&E, and an associate professor of economics, accepted the award on behalf of WVU. This is the second such award presented to the business school for the annual publication designed as a comprehensive resource for the BBER’s economic forecast series throughout West Virginia and a source of information for West Virginia residents and economists and media around the world.

“AUBER members are typically the leaders in educating people about economic issues in their respective states,” Deskins said. “To be recognized by such an important group of academics in applied economics research is quite an honor.”

AUBER is the professional association of business and economic research organizations at public and private universities and consists of 60+ leading university-based economic research centers.

Deskins said the publication has won the national award both times it has been entered, and noted that after a university wins the award it must wait two years to enter again. This award recognized the publication that was first available in October 2016, while B&E previously won the award for its West Virginia Economic Outlook 2014-2018 publication.

“These awards recognize not only the best in applied economic research, but also the most effective ways of communicating research findings to local communities,” said Bruce Kellison, the 2016-2017 AUBER president and director at the Bureau of Business Research at the University of Texas, Austin. “AUBER members play a vital role in researching and communicating about local and regional economic conditions around the country.”

B&E Milan Puskar Dean Javier Reyes said, “Our Bureau of Business and Economic Research is a great example of how West Virginia University is working to help the citizens of this state understand the economy. The BBER is working to propel economic development and seeks to help the state’s business leaders, those who create public policy and all of its stakeholders. That is the mission.”

Since its founding in the 1940s, the BBER’s mission has been to serve the people of West Virginia by providing the state’s business and policymaking communities with reliable data and rigorous applied economic research and analysis that enables the state’s leaders to design better business practices and public policies. West Virginia Economic Outlook is among the BBER publications that are available to the public both electronically and in print.


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