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‘Walk-ins’ held across Mason County on Monday: West Virginia teachers, service personnel raising awareness


Point Pleasant Daily Register

MASON COUNTY, W.Va.  — Prior to the start of the school day on Monday, teachers and service personnel with Mason County Schools were up even earlier than normal, lining the highways near their schools to raise public awareness concerning health insurance issues and pay raises for public employees.

The so-called “walk-ins” took place all across the county and included displays of homemade signs and the distribution of informational flyers. Following the walk-ins, teachers and service personnel went inside their respective schools and did their jobs, just like any other day – though, this wasn’t just any other day.

Among those attending the walk-in at New Haven Elementary were Delegate Scott Brewer (D-13th District), New Haven Mayor Jerry Spradling, and Mason County Board of Education member Rhonda Tennant.

Brewer, who stopped on his way to the legislative session in Charleston, said he was there to support all public employees.

“The teachers just happen to be the people out here today,” he added.

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