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Student proposes ‘Save the Bees’ bill


The Inter-Mountain

BUCKHANNON, W.Va. — A local student addressed the Upshur County Commission Thursday about a bill she has been working on through Buckhannon-Upshur Youth Leadership Association.

Lindsay Bever presented a draft of the “Save the Bees” bill she hopes the state will adopt.

Her idea is to fill vacant spaces with non-genetically modified flowers. She said this would help with the declining population of the honey bee, and would beautify the area.

The first step for her is to get the bill passed in Upshur County, with hopes of state-wide adoption later. Bever plans to take her proposal before the governor.

Commission President Terry Cutright suggested taking her proposal to the Parks and Recreation Board. Commissioner Sam Nolte agreed, saying they may be able to help identify suitable locations.

Bever said she would be interested in having the county use FEMA properties they own, but Cutright said he would like to see how the project works in smaller regions before expanding throughout the county.

“I think it’s a great idea,” Nolte said. “Great job.”

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