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Oil and natural gas property taxes to provide $96 million to county governments in West Virginia

CHARLESTON, W.Va.  – Property taxes on oil and natural gas production will provide county governments in West Virginia with just over $96 million to fund local school systems and vital community services.

“All counties in the state receive a portion of severance tax monies from oil and natural gas production.  Additionally, those counties where natural gas and oil production is occurring have received hundreds of millions of dollars in the way of property tax receipts over the past several years,” said Anne Blankenship, Executive Director of the West Virginia Oil & Natural Gas Association (WVONGA).  “Although the amount of property taxes may fluctuate year over year due to many factors including commodity prices, West Virginia producing counties continue to receive significant funds generated from the development of our oil and gas resources.”

The information is based on data from the West Virginia Division of Tax & Revenue.

The top five counties generating the largest amount of oil and gas property taxes for 2017 include: Wetzel ($15,375,578); Doddridge ($15,165,626); Marshall ($10,553,516); Harrison ($8,846,064); and Ohio ($7,170,770).

“The price of natural gas has seen an uptick over the last several quarters and we hope that trend continues,” Blankenship said.  “If it does, we’ll see property tax receipts rise, providing more resources for schools and to provide services to residents of our counties and municipalities.”

Oil and natural gas property tax assessments are based on the production and pricing of the resources from the tax year two years prior. Property tax assessments for 2017 are based on the production and pricing levels which were realized in 2015. To access the list of 2017 county oil/gas property tax information, click here.

In addition to production-based property tax receipts, gas producing counties receive significant monies from property taxes on other industry segments, like pipelines, compressor stations, and extraction and fractionation facilities.

For additional information, contact Anne Blankenship at (304) 343-1609.

By county 2017 oil and gas property taxes for tax year 2017

Oil and Gas Property Tax / Tax Year 2017

County Amount
Barbour $885,393
Berkeley $374
Boone $932,048
Braxton $157,408
Brooke $2,434,165
Cabell $210,452
Calhoun $376,387
Clay $287,995
Doddridge $15,165,626
Fayette $254,779
Gilmer $483,437
Grant $1,101
Greenbrier $5,110
Hampshire $2,362
Hancock $11,171
Hardy $1,527
Harrison $8,846,064
Jackson $757,700
Jefferson $10
Kanawha $2,323,693
Lewis $832,084
Lincoln $1,415,227
Logan $1,646,018
Marion $3,298,952
Marshall $10,553,516
Mason $107,358
McDowell $2,070,939
Mercer $105,738
Mineral $1,851
Mingo $1,452,948
Monongalia $749,727
Monroe $860
Morgan $962
Nicholas $82,911
Ohio $7,170,770
Pendleton $11,947
Pleasants $149,185
Pocahontas $1,904
Preston $207,925
Putnam $624,542
Raleigh $761,658
Randolph $114, 559
Ritchie $5,993,762
Roane $569,002
Summers $4,845
Taylor $1,273,297
Tucker $34,897
Tyler $5,263,545
Upshur $820,570
Wayne $925,034
Webster $27,282
Wetzel $15,375,578
Wirt $165,379
Wood $176,318
Wyoming $1,152,391
TOTAL $96,280,283



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