Hancock County school revenue growth ranks second in W.Va.


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NEW CUMBERLAND, W.Va.  — Hancock County Schools was among the top districts in the state of West Virginia in terms of revenue growth for the year 2016, according to a fiscal analysis received by Superintendent Tim Woodward.

Woodward provided the analysis to the Hancock County Board of Education Monday, and announced that Hancock County Schools’ revenue growth was the second highest of all counties, finishing with a carryover of more than $500,000, an increase of 137.6 percent from the year before.

Randolph County Schools took the top spot, with a 167.1 percent increase from a year before.

The information was presented during a superintendents meeting last month. Woodward expressed satisfaction in the findings and confidence that Hancock County will be able to finish with a higher carryover in 2017, although that information is still in the works.

Woodward also discussed the Every Student Succeeds Act Accountability System, which serves as a new system for districts and encourages states to use measures beyond test scores to measure school performance.

Woodward said the system is a more true and authentic approach, and provides a better service to teachers, whom he said were unfairly held accountable under the No Child Left Behind Act, which ESSA replaces.

“I think this gives the teacher a much more fair look at accountability, along with hopefully our kids,” Woodward said.

Meanwhile, Woodward also reviewed the budget for the school year with the board, allowing an opportunity to answer any questions.

According to the reports, the district’s revenues for the first month of the 2017-2018 fiscal year came to $225,708.37.

Regarding its expenses with its current annual budget of $35,060,458, the district spent $634,161.98, along with emcumbrances of $1,236,974.74, leaving the district with a remaining balance for the fiscal year of $33,220,757.28, or about 5.34 percent of its budget obligated for the year. The July expenses were also an increase from the July 2016 expenses, which were recorded at that time of $489,216.53.

The expenses reviewed cover several items including for professional personnel, service personnel, professional personnel substitutes, service personnel substitutes, temporary/part-time personnel, board members, fixed charges (health insurance, social security, retirement and worker’s compensation among items), purchased professional and technical services, purchased property services, other purchased services, supplies, property and other objects and items.

The budget review — one of Woodward’s goals he looked to institute when he took over as superintendent this past July — will be done on a monthly basis and, according to Woodward, will be reviewed every other meeting and in the late-end of the month.

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