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Editorial: W.Va. capitol dome worth the cost

From The Journal of Martinsburg:

West Virginia government finances are tight, these days. State legislators and Gov. Jim Justice felt they had to increase taxes and fees by about $130 million a year merely to take care of our roads and bridges. Special interests and government-funded entities have complained vociferously that they are not getting enough taxpayers’ money.

In that context, the news state officials got last week probably was about as welcome as a visit from a governor bearing a silver platter.

Capitol Building Commission members have been advised of a critical problem in the Capitol itself. It seems hardware that holds up the interior of the Capitol dome — what people inside the building see — is failing. An engineer told them that while he does not see cause for alarm immediately, “If nothing is done, the risk only increases with time.”

West Virginia’s Capitol, nationally recognized for its beauty, is the people’s house. It is there that we go to talk to top state officials. It is there that our laws are enacted and policies to enforce them are devised.

It sounds as if the problem will be expensive to correct, probably a seven-figure contract or even more.

So be it. Justice, with help from legislators if needed, should tackle the problem immediately. The money can be found for a project we are confident the vast majority of Mountain State residents understand should not be put off.

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