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W.Va. State Senate passes the natural gas co-tenancy bill

By David Beard The Dominion Post CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The mineral tract co-tenancy bill moved one step closer to the governor’s desk Saturday, passing the Senate, 23-11, and returning to the House for concurrence on a minor amendment. Saturday’s floor arguments for and against the bill were essentially the same as they’ve been all session […]

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Editorial: WV Senate being prudent with ‘show me the money’

From The Intelligencer of Wheeling: West Virginia Republican state senators were criticized by some this weekend for not allowing an immediate vote on a plan formulated by Gov. Jim Justice to augment pay raises already granted to West Virginia public school employees. But senators were right to insist a committee look into Justice’s claim that, […]

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Editorial: Governor Justice pulling $58 million out of thin air did not convince WV teachers to end strike

From The Charleston Gazette-Mail, The Gazette page: There’s a proverb that, if a cowboy says something but can’t back it up, people say he’s “all hat, no cattle.” Not sure what Jim Justice’s hat size is, but there wasn’t a cow in sight at the West Virginia Capitol on Wednesday. Instead, there were many teachers […]

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As debate of legislation continues, West Virginia schools could be out indefinitely

By JOSELYN KING The Intelligencer of Wheeling WHEELING — Teachers and school superintendents now are left pondering whether there will be school Monday — or any time next week — after the West Virginia Senate on Saturday night, passed out a pay raise bill dropping a proposed pay raise for public school employees from 5 percent […]

WV Gov. Justice: ‘Mistakes and differences aside – We’ve got to get our kids back to school’
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WV Gov. Justice: ‘Mistakes and differences aside – We’ve got to get our kids back to school’

CHARLESTON, WV – “While everyone is focused on the mistakes, my focus is solely on getting our children back to school,” said Gov. Jim Justice. After the State Senate on Saturday rejected his proposal to raise the pay for teachers, school service personnel and the state police to 5 percent and reduce it to 4 percent, Gov. Jim Justice said […]

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Editorial: WV Education, alone, could use a task force, too

From The Register-Herald of Beckley: We are not sure as of this writing where legislation regarding teacher pay and benefits will end up at day’s end. A bill that would provide a 5 percent pay raise is currently parked in a Senate committee. Likewise, we don’t know what to make of a late revenue adjustment […]

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Editorial: WV schools should review safety preparations, access issues

From The Herald Dispatch of Huntington: The recent school shooting in Florida quickly revived and expanded the national debate about access to guns. Student survivors have campaigned for more restricted sales of semi-automatic weapons, and many states are looking at initiatives to help keep guns out of the hands of people with mental problems. But the […]

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Editorial: WV Teachers standing for what they believe

From The Braxton Citizens’ News: By Ed Given Editor More on the teachers’ strike… As expected, I received mixed reviews on my thoughts expressed last week. The reception was pretty evenly split. Most that had other ideas were civil for the most part in their reply’s and I appreciate that. … … With that said, […]

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Gazette editorial: If some WV businesses can negotiate lower electric bills, who do you think will pay the difference?

Charleston Gazette-Mail Gazette editorial Everyone wants more good jobs in West Virginia. We’re all agreed on that. But what are people willing to give up to get those jobs? And to that end, what burdens are state lawmakers willing to place on everyone else in pursuit of those jobs? Today, West Virginia may get an […]

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Editorial: WV Gov. Jim Justice, where is vision on education?

From The Register-Herald of Beckley: The WV teacher walkout will stretch into a third day come Monday – and that is most unfortunate. It leaves us wondering why political leaders have kicked this can down the proverbial road for so long. It’s not as if an underfunded health insurance agency and low teacher pay suddenly […]